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QI Trade
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What is QI Trade?
A trading company, which has been helping our customers' capital for 2 years by purchasing goods in China and selling on the US market, with subsequent distribution of profits
How long has the company existed?
For more than 2 years the company has helped realize the dreams of more than 2,000 customers.
Does the company have a license?
The company operates on the basis of a first-class state license to engage in dealer activities in the field of commodity exchanges. Licensor: Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
How does a company make money?
Firstly, the client enters into an agreement and puts his capital at the disposal of the company, for which QI Trade purchases goods in China and their subsequent sale in the United States. The profit from the sale goes to the payment of dividends, as well as an increase in the company's turnover
+7 (778) 080 88 88
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+7 (778) 080 88 88
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