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SET6 - System of Efficient Trading on Amazon, which framed in the format of a mobile application with elements of gamification for your convenience and ease of learning.

SET 6 uses a step-by-step algorithm of actions. By completing tasks, you gain skills and the ability to earn money in various ways.
Project strengths
Sustainable system
Process gamification
The training is as detailed and structured as a step-by-step algorithm consisting of 6 elements.
For easy involvement, the project is built in a playful way: complete tasks - get rewards and experiences.
Convenient format
Result in money
Training is available in the format of a mobile application and Web version for maximum assimilation of the material.
After each level of training, you get the skills of a new profession, which means new opportunities for earning.
About SET6 project
прибыльного бизнеса
Project mission:

Develop an effective trading system on Amazon.
System of Efficient Trading
What gives SET6
Become a specialist
And make money from anywhere in the world, being specialists in your own field.
Start a business
And earn remotely while Amazon performs your business processes.
Scaling a business
And make money selling your goods on Amazon - the largest US marketplace.
SET6 work steps
Decide to discover new earning opportunities
Follow the link https://game.set6.online/ -
register in SET6 by phone number
Get started earning money on Amazon
When I can make my first money on Amazon?
It depends on your current training, but after completing the first level you will become a specialist in the selection of goods.
What professions can I study for the entire course?
Specialist in the selection of goods; foreign economic activity manager; targetologist; marketer; account administrator (Virtual Assistant); SEO optimizer.
How much money can I earn if I choose the way - training a profession?
Depends on the profession. For example, a specialist in the selection of goods on the freelancers receive an average of $30 for 1 product which found.
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